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What Parents of Diabetic Children Need to Know About Diabetes


Yes, your child can acquire diabetes. While you can choose to look at this the despairing way, we encourage you to look at the silver lining. Caring for a child with diabetes may be challenging, but you will always have help. You will have your family, support groups, and of course, our team providing pediatric home health in Alexandria, VA.

What relevant items about diabetes, particularly Type 1, that parents ought to know? We’ve compiled a quick list for you below:

  • Understanding Type 1 Diabetes
    This condition occurs because your child’s pancreas stopped producing insulin which is responsible for smoothly distributing glucose or sugar to the rest of the body. Without sugar, the body will not have the energy to function well. Type 1 diabetes happens because of a malfunction of the immune system. It doesn’t happen because of eating TOO MANY sweets, although regulating your loved one’s sweet-eating is also very helpful to their overall health.
  • Learning About Diabetes
    While gaining knowledge about diabetes is vital for all parental time, it can be very necessary when your family member is actually diagnosed with the condition. Take as much time and information needed to equip you about Type 1 Diabetes and how to properly care and support for your loved one who has it. You can also seek further help from providers of home health care in Riverdale, MD.
  • Type 1 Diabetes Is Incurable But Not Limiting
    Presently, there is still no cure for diabetes. This means that when your child has this already, they will be needing insulin monitoring and supplement for the rest of their lives. However, this doesn’t mean that your child will not be able to do the things they want to do. Take Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers for instance. He was diagnosed at 13, but continues to pursue his career in the music industry up to now.
  • Insulin Doesn’t Cure Diabetes
    When your child has Type 1 Diabetes, they will need insulin injections to replace the lack of their pancreas that no longer produces it. However, insulin is not a cure for diabetes. It only helps the sugar to properly reach their intended body part destination. Hence, your child will need to have insulin injections for the rest of their lives.
  • Insulin Should Be Injected Only
    When insulin is taken orally, it can pass through the digestive system, where stomach enzymes can destroy it. As a result, it will not be able to do its intended purpose. When insulin is injected however, it directly goes through the bloodstreams, then to the rest of the cells of the body.

These are just among the important essentials about Type 1 Diabetes that we believe parents ought to know. However, when your loved one had diabetes in their senior years, we can also extend adult home health care in Maryland. If you’re interested to know more about other ways of effective diabetic care, contact us at Providence Care, Inc.

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