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The 3 Key Benefits of Well-Baby Visits


Along with the excitement and challenges of having a newborn at home, the need to monitor their overall growth and development is also vital. Your first-ever well-baby visit is ideally on the second day after arriving home from your birthing place. Around this time, you will still be in need of a lot of assistance so you can also regain your physical strength. While professionals providing Pediatric Home Health in Alexandria, VA can also visit your place to administer this service, you can also personally visit your pediatrician in their clinic.

Your well-baby visits will continue up to approximately the second year of your child’s life. If you’ve been wondering whether these visits are really vital for your child, we’ve listed the top three most important benefits of keeping to your well-baby appointments.

  1. Monitoring their Growth
    In every well-baby visit, the pediatrician or healthcare practitioner will weigh your child and measure their height. These figures will be charted on a growth chart so you will have an actual picture of whether your child is growing normally in their ideal age. If ever there are changes from the chart, our team providing Home Health Care in Riverdale, MD can also assist in determining factors why this occurred. You can be guided on what you ought to do in order to achieve the healthy physical development of your little one. As soon as differences are observed, you can also be recommended or referred to professional help specializing on your child’s specific condition.
  2. Physical Checkup
    During well-baby visits, your child also will be checked by their pediatrician in terms of their physical health. Their five senses will be evaluated, the size of their head is measured, and even their heartbeat is listened to. These checkups can provide you with knowledge as to how healthy your child is. They will also be administered with the appropriate immunizations so that they can withstand vaccine-preventable diseases. As you know, infants can still be very weak to fight off these infections, so helping their immune system is really life-saving.
  3. Following Developmental Milestones
    At a certain age, your infant is expected to manifest key developments. When they are able to achieve this, they are developing normally. If not, they might need further testing and eventually, professional intervention, as necessary. In the well-baby visits, healthcare professionals will question you about these milestones. They will ask information, such as whether your child babbles, crawls, lifts their head, and others. As parents, you will be able to spot these developmental milestones first, so knowing which milestones to spot is really vital.

Assisting moms in their appointments for well-baby visits is just one of the many services we provide as a care agency. Our professional care providers in Providence Care, Inc. also extend adequate Adult Home Health Care in Maryland, so that we can be of full assistance to your every family member.

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