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Who Benefits from Nursing Care in the Comfort of Your Own Home?

Who Benefits from Nursing Care in the Comfort of Your Own Home
When we think of nurses, we always picture out ladies in white caring for their patients in medical institutions.

But the truth is, nurses do not have to be ladies. Men can be nurses too! And they are not always dressed in white. They can wear any color provided by the hospital or the institution they are in. Lastly, nurses do not have to care for their patients in medical institutions. They can provide their services; no matter how complicated it is, in their patient’s home.

Providence Care, Inc. lists the different kinds of patients who benefit from nursing care at home:

  • Adults with Special Needs

    Older adults have varied needs depending on their condition. Those suffering from chronic illnesses and other forms of dementia benefit from our Adult Home Health Care in Maryland.

    Patients who need the following services can gain from the said home health care:

    • Skilled nursing for Adults with Special Needs

    • Diabetic Teaching and Care

    • Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

    • Parkinson’s Care

    • And many more

  • Medically-Fragile Children

    Not all children are born immune to diseases and viruses. Some are even born with medical conditions. We call these little angels medically fragile children. And instead of being confined to hospitals, parents can bring their children back at home to be cared for through our Pediatric Home Health in Alexandria, VA.

    It is essential for children who have particular ailments to be observed and treated 24/7 for them to be strong individuals when they grow up. We provide the following services to medically fragile children:

    • Skilled Nursing for Medically Fragile Children

    • Maternal/Well Baby Visit

    • IV Nursing Therapy

    • And many more

  • Patients Who Had Surgery

    Patients who just had surgery need to be cared for. They may require wound care management, post-op surgery care, and other medical services that are essential to their recuperation. These patients have special needs that should be met or it may affect their lives through the years. It is essential for these patients to receive health care from their own home. It is to prevent them from getting infections and unnecessary discomforts from traveling from their house to the hospital.

  • Patients Who Are Disabled

    Patients who are disabled need special medical care from a professional and licensed nurse. It’s better for the nurses to simply visit them at home and give them the care they need rather than for them to suffer discomforts just to be treated.

Nursing care is not only available in nursing houses, hospitals, and clinics. It can also be enjoyed by patients in the comfort of their own home. Aside from that, this service makes patients the priority thus skipping long hospital waits.

Do you want to enjoy these benefits at home? Leave us a message so we can help you and provide you with Home Health Care in Riverdale, MD.

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